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Below is an illustration of the Step by Step Approach to your Bespoke Website Design:
Does your company need a website?
Answer 'yes' to any of these questions & the chances are that you do need a website your your company:
  • Do you want to expand your customer base beyond your present catchment?
  • Do you use email & the internet yourself?  If you do then your customers probably do too!
  • Do you need a cost effective approach to generating professional, easily updated sales & marketing literature?
  • Does your competition use the internet?  Check their business cards, advertisements, etc.
  • Is your customers' time valuable?  Chances are if they have busy lives they shop online in their spare moments.
alarm clock   Do you want to keep you business working whilst you're sleeping?
Do you have an existing branding / logo?
If your company has already been branded (e.g. you have standard colours, graphics, sales messages), then your existing customers will associate you with these.
We will make these the cornerstones of your website.  These will drive the right design for you.
If your business is not already branded then we will work with you to give your website the style that you want.
step by step guide to your website
Collate the content for your site
Websites can be as small or large as your needs and range of products & services.  If you have a brochure for your company or a range of product / service literature, this often is an excellent starting point.
It is easy for us to use these for your site and is also the perfect opportunity for you to propose any changes at the same time.  Electronically published material is relatively inexpensive to edit compared with traditional 'glossy' literature.

If you don't have a brochure, we will need approximately 500 words (dependent on the size & type of your business) and appropriate images / photos for us to build your website around.  We will work with you in splitting your content across web pages with an appropriate amount of each.

We will propose other images to complete the look of your site.  We can provide advice on the type of things that will work best for your area of business to ensure maximum customer appeal.  We have access to a number of libraries of images and in many instances can find the last few images to complete your website.
Do you have any style preferences?
If you have any personal style preferences, your site can be built around these.
Otherwise we will take your content and suggest an appropriate design.  We will propose an approximate number of pages for your site based on the content that you have provided.
We design & publish your website
Once we have all your information, content and go ahead, we will begin to build your design.  The steps that we go through typically include:
  • Designing your site.  If yours is a particularly large or complex site we will keep you informed in its progress.
  • Uploading (the internet publishing process) for you to review and accept the website design & finalised content.
  • Making any adjustments to the final design in line with your requests.
  • Uploading the final site to whatever location you wish.
Together we promote your website
The final step is the promotion of your website.  This will usually be a combined effort from yourself and us.  We will register your website with 20+ top search engines.

We will advise on how to maximise its potential in capturing those additional customers.

Beyond this final step, the level of support that you require us to provide is entirely up to you.  We will always be on hand to maintain and expand your site as you need, but you retain full rights to its content and are free to maintain it as you wish.
To start the step by step process to launching your company onto the internet, click here to contact us.


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