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Question:I want a website but don't know where to start.
Start by looking on the internet at other similar businesses to get an idea of the style and content that they have used.  You'll find a range so pick those that fit the image that you want your business to have and this will give you an idea of the level of content and images that you will need.
Question:Your package prices seem reasonable, but are there any hidden costs?
Answer:No, there are no hidden costs - your website can cost the quoted package price. If you ask for any extras, such as pop-up pages, we will tell you the cost before starting any work.
Question:What is a pop up?
Answer:A pop up is a page or image that appears as a small window when you click on an image or link on the main page.
Question:What makes a good website?
Answer:Good images make great looking websites and text content is also equally important.  Try to say as much about yourself or business - empty web pages are not attractive (either to viewers or to search engines).  Whilst some people like bright colours it is important to note that not everyone shares your taste in colours.
Question:Can you provide pictures to put on my site?
Answer:We can provide some library images, but to reflect your business we prefer that you provide the majority of images for your website.
Question:What images can I use?
Answer:You may use any images that you have produced.  To use any other images you must first seek permission from the copyright owner of the image.  It is your responsibility to ensure that you have permission to use and publish all images.
Question:Will you take the photos for me?
Answer:We have arranged for photography to be undertaken for our websites.  However the use of photographers is costly and can dramatically increase the cost of your website.  Library images are a good alternative.
Question:Can I change information on my website and how much will it cost?
Answer:Yes, any part of your website can be changed.  For simple text changes the cost is around 10 per page and changing images is around 20 per page.
Question:Will having a website bring more money in for my business?
Answer:A website will not guarantee extra revenue, but it will provide customers with access to information on your business 24/7.  Often customers will want to get an impression of a business before taking time to travel and visit in person - your website allows them to instantly view your products, services and examples of your work.
Question:I have a website that needs revamping, how much will this cost?
Answer:It depends on the amount of revamping needed.  In general though the amount of work to revamp an existing website is the same as for a new website - so for a ten page website the cost is 499 plus VAT (if you retain your current hosting server then this cost can be reduced).

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