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Search Engine Registration
In order to get the most out of your website, we recommend registration with a number of the key search engines.
Search engines, like Google, Yahoo & MSN, will help provide additional traffic for your website.  When we initially set-up your website we will register it with 20+ of the key search engines.  These should begin generating web traffic within 1 - 8 weeks.
If you wish we can periodically re-register your website to these search engines for a nominal charge.
Some search engines offer additional sponsored (i.e. paid) schemes to boost your website to the top of their rankings.  We can help set these up for your website - we only charge a nominal administration cost for these services.
Search Engine Optimisation
In order for your registration with search engines to be effective your website must be optimised.  We automatically optimise all of the websites that we design to the key "search keywords" that you would like to attract.
We can also offer this service to customers with an existing website who would like to boost their search engine ratings.  We can provide a report with recommendations and costs of any changes to your website to improve its search engine optimisation.
Why not contact us today for more information about how we can assess your website's optimisation to maximise your search engine potential.
Online Marketing
We can advise our customers on other ways of boosting their website's ratings & image.
AceTech manages online directories (for example www.weddingkeepsakes.co.uk an online wedding service directory & www.must-haves.co.uk an online fashion & gifts directory).  Advertising and weblinks are available through these directories.

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