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Website Hosting / Servers
We provide a variety of hosting options for your website.
During development of your website, drafts will be hosted to temporary areas on our main server.  This allows you to see your website as it will really appear on the internet before it is linked to your chosen domain name.
Final hosting options for your website are either via our shared main server or via a dedicated server account.  We generally use Pipex servers for our hosting accounts, but are quite happy to arrange accounts to be set-up and configured from any chosen supplier.
Shared Server Hosting
All of our one page websites are hosted to our shared main server.  This allows us to keep your hosting costs to a minimum whilst still providing your website its own unique identity via your domain name.  We may also offer this option for some of our bespoke website customers to keep costs down.
Shared server hosting does not come with webstats or FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access.  If these are services that you require we recommend upgrading to dedicated server hosting.
Email accounts set-up on shared server hosting will have an email file limit size of 5MB.  There is no limit to the numbers of emails sent or received.
Dedicated Server Hosting
For full flexibility we recommend dedicated hosting.  The initial cost of setting up a dedicated server account is higher than our shared server accounts and ongoing renewal costs are also slightly higher, but there are a number of advantages.
  • Full FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access to your server space to allow uploading of new files.
  • Full webstats showing details of your daily website traffic.
  • No limits on email sizes.
During your free consultation we will advise you on the best type of hosting for your website.

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