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Website Maintenance
Revamp Your Website
If you already have a website and would like a major or minor revamp we are happy to help.  Whether you have a website which feels out of date in comparison to your competitors or are struggling to complete you own "home built" website, we can provide advice and help to give you the website that you want.
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Changes to Your Website
One advantage of the internet is that information can be readily kept up to date with product developments or changes to your business.  Unlike traditional sales and marketing literature, web pages can be updated relatively cheaply and very quickly (with results the same day).  You also don't need to worry about redistributing your new information to your customers - it is "live" for them to view 24/7!
Most modifications to your website can be made relatively inexpensively.  For minor text or picture content changes we charge 10 - 20 per page.  For more involved redesign work we will provide a fixed price quotation before we start work. It is generally more efficient to make several changes at the same time and our quotations reflect this - for example, we usually discount where minor changes are being made across a number of pages at the same time.
For customers who expect to need regular updates we offer website maintenance contracts.  These contracts are set-up based on the expected level of change (e.g. updating photo galleries on a monthly basis).  By setting up a maintenance contract our website programmers will react immediately on receipt of your information rather than responding with a quotation for the update.
We will work with you to determine the best maintenance solution for your website.
FTP Access
Most of our bespoke websites are provided with dedicated server hosting.  This provides you with full FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access to upload new files to your website server.  This gives you full flexibility in managing your own website updates if you so wish.  Of course we are happy to help you with any changes that you wish to make.
Our shared server websites (such as our one page websites) do not allow FTP access.  The benefit of these is the lower set-up and operating costs for the server space.  Should you wish to have FTP access rights in the future we will happily upgrade your website to dedicated server hosting.

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